January 3, 2018

Copper Chef Reviews

Review of the Copper chef work pan

A copper chef pan is a square pan that is typically made of copper. Since the internet is full of misleading information, I decided to do a copper chef reviews myself. This way, I will be able to know if all the information I have on the copper pan is false or not.

Let us look at some of the alleged claims as well as capabilities of the Copper Chef pan:

  • It has a nonstick coating
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Prevents dangerous toxins like PFOA
  • It is heat resistant up to 900 degrees Celsius

The copper Pan

The pan is marketed as a durable pan that can withstand 900 degrees Celsius. The copper pan is square in design. It is deep enough to accommodate roasting, rice cooking and steaming. The pan is said   to distribute heat evenly due to its stainless steel coating.

The design and shape was to help it hold more food when compared to the round shape.

Nonstick surface

The copper chef pan boasts of being high tech. This enables it to easily clean. I got to admit this very cool.

The ‘Copper Chef’ name

Although this would actually imply the pan is made of copper, it is not. This is actually cheap aluminum coated with copper paint. Technically, the pan is copper in color and has a steel induction plate. The plate is coated with aluminum.

Inferior Services and Quality

Immediately you buy the product you realize something is a wrong. The product is extremely light. In fact, it feels brittle. Its lightness results to too much heat transmission. No matter how well you try to regulate the heat the food still burns.

When I cooked eggs with my new Copper pan, they stuck on the pan. Though this was annoying, imagine how I felt when they tasted metallic.

I wrote to them an email one week ago and am yet to receive a reply.

Recipe Book

I got to admit, the recipe book is great. I was able to cook new foods I never thought were possible. I will however recommend the use of wooden utensils rather than metal. Wooden utensils will protect your pan from scratching. Avoid to the use scratchy scrubs.

It’s all hype

After using the pan for some days I realized something was amiss. The more I used my pan the more the food tasted metallic.  I realized that all this was a hyped product, {it’s actually the reason why i bought it.}


The product is too damn expensive. The product retails at $70-80 dollars. This is not worth it as it is only copper in color. If the product had real copper then I think it would be worth it.


The Copper pan does serve its purpose, {cooking food} However, I would not really recommend it for newbie cooks unless of course the company changes a few thing about the pan.

I would specially be grateful if they stopped lying to everything that it is a copper pan. They should also improve its quality and customer relations strategy.