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March 21, 2019

Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? Pokemon onesie

You have at least, one day woken up in the morning and thought of getting up from the bed, put in your mind that you have errands to run, and so many things to put into the right manner, to run your life.  Being productive does not come easily; sometimes, your priorities.  Sleep, as many people do not take it seriously, is a critical thing in your life.  Investing in some cute sleepy Pokémon, for instance, will be in little, yet very useful decision you have ever done.

Pokémon will allow you to dress up like your spirit animal kigurumi lab. Are you that person two have ever been dreaming of going at the speed of a Pokémon?  Maybe Snorlax?  Why can’t you roll out of your bed with a Pokémon kigurumi, because you will be energized and never to miss any beat of your plans?  The hood has Snorlax sleepy face embroidery attached to it.

 With your Pokémon, all your family and friend will be alert to know that they will have to wait in whatever thing they want you to do.  In any case, they are just but lucky to have someone like you close to them, someone, who can never block their path.

 Specifications of the Pokémon Onesie

 The Pokemon Snorlax kigurumi are officially licensed merchandise, and a think geek exclusive. They are fully zipped up and can either be used as cosplay, or hanging around the house, and many other ways that you may like.  They also have some side pockets, and ribbed cuffs at their ankles and wrists, not to mention the thumbholes.

 They can play very many roles if you take excellent care of them. You can sleep in them, nap, and all activities related to that.  You can get this adult onesie from adult kigurumi lab They are made out of a hundred per cent polyester materials.

 The sizes of their chests, the body length, exclusive of the hood, and the inseam are available in variety, and range between small, medium, large, and extra-large. This way, you have the freedom to choose the correct size for you and have no excuse not to purchase them.

 Pokémon is an essential part of your life that you must admit. This is because they can easily showcase your personality. Whether you are going for a formal or informal meeting, your dress code matters a lot. The excellent news is that there are formal Pokémon onesie suits

 There are different categories of casual wears, and one of them will match your Pokémon.  Do not be worried when you look so different from others. The most important thing is to wear your confidence, along with your Pokémon onesie, and every other stuff will fall into place.

 If you are going to meet in a relaxed version of a business, you can feel free to wear your Pokémon onesie, since the workplace will not be as strict as in the regular market.

 The Bottom Line

 It is essential to dress up nicely.  Your dress code says so much about you, and the Pokémon onesie is likely to report even more about you. 

March 21, 2019

The Sock to Knock Your Socks Off

When you wear a pair of socks every morning, fashion and style are the last things on your mind. The focus is on protecting your feet and keeping them warm. But what if there was a pair of socks that would make you stand out from the crowd? Introducing the BTS Kpop Socks for women. Are they a hit or a miss? Read on to find out.

The Merchandise

The BTS Kpop bts backpack by Socks City on btsmerch come in a set of seven, one for each member of the BTS gang – RM, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin and, J-Hope. They are priced at around $15. Based on the seller’s description, the material for the socks is made up of 85% Cotton, 10% Spandex and 5% Polyurethane.

They are made in Korea and designed to fit shoe sizes 6 to 10. Please do also remember that this group has a BTS Hoodie. Nways, back to the socks, they are of regular length, and the color and size are designed to be unaffected by wash. As per the seller, they may look smaller after washing but stretch right out when you wear them again.

A Closer Look

The character socks are, surprisingly, cute and well made. At $15 for the entire set of seven, they are cheaper than buying individual pairs for each band member. In signature BTS style, the socks are bright and eye-catching, yet not over the top. The colors are vibrant and match the images uploaded by the seller. Each pair of socks has the BTS army emblem on the top and an animated BTS member, with his own cute expression. This is followed by the “BTS” name and the name of the band member in Korean. Different colors around the toes make them easy to coordinate with most outfits.

Every customer that has bought them has said that they fit well and don’t slip off the feet. The socks are soft, stretchy and comfortable. The material is thick, but not excessively so. It is breathable to ensure the feet get adequate ventilation. Even after several washes, the socks look as good as new. The quality of the fabric and construction, as well as the design details, are of high standard.

There are some minor issues with the images on the socks. Some of the looks resemble the band members when they were at the beginning of their career while others are more current. This may be a problem for ardent fans who are likely to be critical of such discrepancies. Some fans found it difficult to distinguish one band member from another. A few customers would’ve liked English names instead of the Korean ones printed on the socks. One buyer got only five pairs because the rest were out of stock.

Hit or Miss?

We began this article with a question. So, what’s the verdict? We think you know the answer. This product is, definitely, a hit and comes highly recommended for every BTS fan. The socks are trendy and durable and make for great gifts. Whether you wear them as is or mix and match pairs, they are sure to make people sit up and take notice.

January 3, 2018

Copper Chef Reviews

Review of the Copper chef work pan

A copper chef pan is a square pan that is typically made of copper. Since the internet is full of misleading information, I decided to do a copper chef reviews myself. This way, I will be able to know if all the information I have on the copper pan is false or not.

Let us look at some of the alleged claims as well as capabilities of the Copper Chef pan:

  • It has a nonstick coating
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Prevents dangerous toxins like PFOA
  • It is heat resistant up to 900 degrees Celsius

The copper Pan

The pan is marketed as a durable pan that can withstand 900 degrees Celsius. The copper pan is square in design. It is deep enough to accommodate roasting, rice cooking and steaming. The pan is said   to distribute heat evenly due to its stainless steel coating.

The design and shape was to help it hold more food when compared to the round shape.

Nonstick surface

The copper chef pan boasts of being high tech. This enables it to easily clean. I got to admit this very cool.

The ‘Copper Chef’ name

Although this would actually imply the pan is made of copper, it is not. This is actually cheap aluminum coated with copper paint. Technically, the pan is copper in color and has a steel induction plate. The plate is coated with aluminum.

Inferior Services and Quality

Immediately you buy the product you realize something is a wrong. The product is extremely light. In fact, it feels brittle. Its lightness results to too much heat transmission. No matter how well you try to regulate the heat the food still burns.

When I cooked eggs with my new Copper pan, they stuck on the pan. Though this was annoying, imagine how I felt when they tasted metallic.

I wrote to them an email one week ago and am yet to receive a reply.

Recipe Book

I got to admit, the recipe book is great. I was able to cook new foods I never thought were possible. I will however recommend the use of wooden utensils rather than metal. Wooden utensils will protect your pan from scratching. Avoid to the use scratchy scrubs.

It’s all hype

After using the pan for some days I realized something was amiss. The more I used my pan the more the food tasted metallic.  I realized that all this was a hyped product, {it’s actually the reason why i bought it.}


The product is too damn expensive. The product retails at $70-80 dollars. This is not worth it as it is only copper in color. If the product had real copper then I think it would be worth it.


The Copper pan does serve its purpose, {cooking food} However, I would not really recommend it for newbie cooks unless of course the company changes a few thing about the pan.

I would specially be grateful if they stopped lying to everything that it is a copper pan. They should also improve its quality and customer relations strategy.

My Hero Academia Hoodies: Correct Election to Get Amazing Look

Are you a great fan of my hero academia, as well as a fashion addict?  Or are you just a fashion lover? It does not matter; whether you are a fashion chaser or a fan of my hero academia, man or woman, I got you all.  The right fashion will always give you a stylish and beautiful appearance that is hardly unnoticeable. When it comes to style, even the environmental changes will not hinder you from shining. Whether it is winter or summer time, you will continue shining all the way. That is why My Hero Academia hoodies are one of the best clothing that should not miss in your closet.

My hero academia hoodies from are the newest trends in the towns this winter period. They can not only be worn during winter, as they come in different textures, some which can comfortably be worn at any period.

This is the most up to date fashion that everyone is looking forward to grabbing with a lot of passion.  The best thing is that you can get by them online and get them delivered at the comfort of your home.  They will look very elegant and fabulous on you, whether you are a man or a woman.

All you need to know while purchasing them is the color; you need, the style and design you need and the sizes.  It is also good to know what other clothes that you will be matching them with, before considering the colors. In most cases, hoodies will go well with jeans or khakis, in both men and women.

If you are that top-notch fashionista, you will not mind adding a blazer, or a nice coa5t on a well-fitting hoodie.  The other important thing to consider is the shoes.  If you have some cute sports shoes or rubbers, you will keep it simple, casual and smart. Some nice looking Adidas will not harm in this case.

With no doubt, all My Hero Academia hoodies will leave you incredibly and astonishing.  Comfort is also vital, and that is exactly what comes in with My Hero Academia.  You do not want to sacrifice your comfort for looks; therefore, you need to buy something that offers both.

Ensure to choose your correct fit, to avoid discomfort. This entirely lies in your decisions. But If you need help, you can contact, and they will advise you where possible. But keep in mind that well-fitting clothing will always give you that high-class look.

Lastly, when putting on your hoodie, plus other clothes, keep in mind your skin tone, as, you want to ensure the best looks, in your Mu Hero Academia hoodie.

 The Bottom Line

With no doubts, offers all kind of beautiful designers of hoodies and other anime products. Contact us today to get the exact fit, design, color, and type of hoodie that you need, at the service of your doorstep.  We will also provide you with the best clothes to match you’re My Hero Academia hoodies.